A BORE'ing Alliance Mission

A Bunch of Retired Extractionists looking to live out the rest of our boring lives in the most cancerous space in Eve Online; High Security Space

EVE Online – Official Gameplay (2019) – Play Free!



We blast the rocks we need right off of a moon near you. Chunk after chunk we can never get enough.


We turn Minerals into Stuff N Things. If there is an original blueprint for it, we probably have it. From Shuttles to Freighters we build all the things.


All the ICE are belong to us! ICE makes the world go round. A pivotal ingredient in Fuel production.

Planetary Interaction

A crucial source of input materials for Fuel and Upwell Structures and their components blueprint requirements.


Findings things that were once forgotten


Level 4 Combat missions are one of the most reliable and steady ISK faucets in this game.


There are rocks just sitting there!

Structure Bashing

Sometimes you have to burn down the field to promote new growth

Can you fly one of these Outer Ring Excavations ships?

BORE'ing Alliance Content

Venture among the stars while procuring dank moon ores without the drama of null sec

Here at Black Night and our BOREing Alliance, we pride ourselves in being the best place to shoot the shit on comms, have a beer, line our pockets with isk and provide our members with more content then they know what to do with. Join our in game chat channel and talk with a recruiter today! "Black Night Pub" No matter what it is you like to do in game we have a corporation for you!

  • When Moons Frack we mine them. Over 115,000,000 m3 of the +15% variant ores and the Ubiquious ores every week.

  • Taxes are just to track how often those services are used

  • Every Corp Owned Moon is taxed and you keep 80% of the rocks that you mine

  • 20% of the rocks you mine to be contracted to Black Night to ensure we can afford to keep fueling the fracks and upgrading our structures for a better high sec experience.

BORE Alliance Leadership

These nerds make all the magic happen


Executor / Co-Founder
The leader of the state, final decision maker and visionary of the future. Maximizing his afk’ness to encourage the ambitions of young loyalists in this life simulator we call Eve Online.


Director / Chief Diplo
Chief Diplo and Head of IT. He ensures all the bits are behaving. A Meritocrat born during the information age. His abilities are second to none and always progressing.


Director of Knowhere
Known only as, “The Collector”, this man has spent the last decade never selling anything. Space Dad and Wisdom dropper he is a true wonder to behold.


Admiral of SPICE
Somehow makes more ISK than he loses but always ready to help the friends of BORE. That is only if he has done his homework first! Stay in school kids.


Admiral of Seamen
A dedicated leader and to the point teacher that is always around to help out. That is if he not chasing his puppy or deployed on a submarine

Mr. Embry

Admiral of Loyalty
An Infectiously Courteous Zealot and True Believer diligently working to create a great and prosperous BORE Alliance. Dubbed the Minister to the Pest Advisory Bureau for his interest in the interpersonal affairs of humans.


Admiral of Proposition
The Enforcer, The Enlightened 1%, The believer of Truth, The squasher of weak. A great craftsman who enjoys manipulating the old corpses of Downy Birch into works of art for the able.


Alumni / Co-Founder
Be like Tod. Tod is not an NPC. Tod has original thoughts no matter how stupid you may think they are. He just wants to play with other dudes. You will find him in a place he should probably not be. Doing something he was probably told not to do.

Looking for more information? Looking to join our ranks? Looking for Blue status or just structure access? Then contact us in game channel "Black Night PUB" or just join our Discord and talk to us today.