November 17, 2018


Official site to manage your Eve accounts

The New EVE Portal 2019 is now out in the APP stores of google and apple.

Paste a list of items and quantities from ingame to this site to get a current ISK value by sell and buy orders

Best strategic maps for Eve Online

Great list of 3rd party applications and if they support the current ESI api or not

See an alliance or corps current list of members, leave and join history or one characters corp history

Best public killboard in service

High Sec Industrialist’s website full of great tools

Want to look for a ship with good dps and ehp/s? This site lets you look at recent killmails to find that fit

Well done Eve news site

The Eve University Wiki is so good it made CCP shut down their own

Also a good wiki

Where all the trolls, shit posters and tin foil nerds hang out and dogpile on Eve

Not sure what to do in Eve? This can help you decide.

Riki’s Wormhole guide is an Epic spreadsheet detailing all the sites that spawn in wormholes

Copy your local chat member list and paste it here to see recent killboard activity. 500 name limit

Copy and paste local list here and it groups and counts them by Alliance or Corp. Good for spotting War Targets in Jita

The best out of game market browser

This market browser helps you find the closest place to buy something. I use this for skillbooks and blueprints

Chill out with a long running standard in audio entertainment

Nice chart showing the current value of rocks

Crucial peice of intel this wormhole mapping tool is for your corporation

Use this site to look up a wormhole system by its J# and get useful intel

Show off your skills to your friends

Doing research on a character this can help you find anything they’ve posted on behalf of that character

… more to come